In the late 19th century women who wore a red or black ribbon around their neck were classified as prostitutes. I personified this choker to the objects that women wear around their neck in modern times. These objects include a scarf, mangal sutra (a chain that Indian women wear that symbolize their marriage), collar and someone else’s hands. My campaign questions the symbolism of these objects in society and attains to different perspectives of society. For example, young girls in order to fit in and heavily influenced by fashion, friends and society sometimes lose their true identity. . Hence, for a scarf it states “Fashion or Faux?” The mangal sutra represents a marriage in which domestic violence is occurring or a marriage in which a woman is sacrificing her life to serve her husband. Hence, it states “Sacred or Scared?” The white collar represents the idea of unemployment for women. The hands represent nurture as well as back stabbing. If you notice all of these statements consist of a question as it is not clear in society. But “Tattooed or Tabooed” isn’t a question it is a statement because a prostitute’s life is “tabooed” and her “Dhanda” is “tattooed” upon her life. (This was a individual project done in 2019- photography, designing, content, concept/idea). 
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